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Cadence is a unique take on popup automation built exclusively for Blocs. The tools ensures that your marketing messages are seen –based on a variety of options such as recurring visits, urls hashes and the scheduled dates and specific pages. Set up just the right cadence for your audience and get more conversions.

Cadence can automatically trigger modals based on a variety of rules modals

  • Every page load, with delay in secs

  • Scroll position

  • Once a day, with delay

  • Once every 30 days, 15 days, 7 days, with delay

  • Number of visits, with delay and customizable count reset

  • Schedule a specific date, with delay

  • All Pages mode where visits include visits to other pages.

  • When the date is reached, repeat the behavior on any number of subsequent visits.

  • Auto Open multiple modals in sequence like a slideshow

  • Open on Url has or query based on your value (write custom links for campaigns.)

  • Works with Modal Designer

The delays are all separate so if you mix behaviors you can set separate delays different behaviors.

Cadence works with Bootstrap 5 sites in Blocs 4. It is NOT for with older Blocs versions.

Cadence also works with Modal Designer watch the Modal Designer teaser video below.

Cadence is great for many website marketing needs.

  • selling

  • signups

  • recruiting

  • reminders

  • email campaigns

  • lead generation

  • downloads

  • and more!

The Cadence UI

The UI on the Blocs canvas shows the current settings.

The Sidebar

General settings

Auto Open settings

Visit Number Settings

Schedule settings

Url Support settings

Works with Modal Designer (coming soon)

A tool like Cadence is easy to use but also requires some thought about how you use it. Documentation will be coming fast and often, so please be patient and watch the videos as they are uploaded.

The Documentation

See the docs

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