Card Designer

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Card Designer

30 ratings

Card Designer changed the way some people use Blocs.

The sophisticated card ui maker for Blocs website builder for Mac. It's a mashup of image editor, slideshow and card interface now available for Blocs app.

We've updated our website. visit us at:

Card Designer : https://blochead.dev/card-designer

Card Designer Demo : https://blochead.dev/card-designer-demo



Put some respect on those web assets.

Card Designer has grown to become one of the most popular custom brics for Blocs. It's so robust and feature rich it's used for everything from product cards to hero sliders. It makes quick work of complex problems you might face design cards with these features. 

I've taken what I learned working as a developer in marketing agencies for over 10 years. Now you can make quick turn, on-brand marketing assets with no coding whatsoever.

These cards are extremely clickable.

Blocs is great for making a card UI out of the box, but if you need to:

  • Design these assets more than once

  • Try many design choices to see what fit's best

  • Apply images and text treatments in one convenient UI

  • Create new beautiful CTA's frequently as content updates

  • Impress clients with new intriguing layout capabilities. 

...then Card Designer might be a good fit!

We've updated our website. visit us at https://blochead.dev  

Make it on-brand.


Card Design makes designing cards for grid layouts easy.


Make it responsive.


I mean really responsive.

We've updated our website. visit us at https://blochead.dev  

Watch the review of Card Designer by Eldar of blocsmaster.com

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