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Modals are practically centric to content marketing and online promotional marketing. They are great for promoting products, featuring new content or announcing that big sale.  They can be a very important touchpoint for your website.

" After 5 minutes of creating popups with Modal Designer you'll be hooked. You might just have 5 completely unique modals completed."

In Blocs, we have Bootstrap modals. They are a really flexible, and powerful tool in our design arsenal, but they are pretty generic "out of the box".  They don't really look like modals you see in online marketing campaigns. You’ve got to style them according to your brand’s guidelines or personal taste. 

Example modals in Modal Designer for Blocs.

Now it’s a lot easier to crank out a stack of well crafted modals for yourself or your client. Best of all it’s 100% compatible with Cadence. Together you’ve got a complete and robust popup builder for Blocs.

See the Documentation Here

A video of Modal Designer will be uploaded very soon. Meanwhile you can get a sneak peek near the end of the Cadence video.

Modal Designer Overview

Modal Designer makes the modal creation process to the next level. It's a complete reimagining of how Bootstrap modals are structured and designed. There's also several small (and seamless) improvements to the responsive behavior of Bootstrap modals.

Modal designer features the modal "hero image" with image tools to

Add content brics to Modal Designer

Modal Designer takes advantage of the newest api capabilities. Modal Designer lets you add individual brics like headings, paragraphs and buttons to the modal as you normally would with a core Blocs modal.

Layout Control

Move your modal's "hero image" around or remove it altogether. Based on years of experience with clients requiring quick turnarounds and original designs per each campaign. The old way could take as much as a week of design comps and content revisions that impact design. Testing and tweaking for impact on responsiveness becomes a tedious and time consuming process. Let's face it, at some point you won't tailor those campaign modals so much. That's why popup builders exist on other platforms! now Blocs has one that' is both powerful and unique!

Responsiveness the Blochead way

The original Bootstrap modals needed some improvement, especially with the addition of a "hero image" to the mix. Also, now you can specify the additional behavior for smaller breakpoints.

Especially great with Cadence

Cadence and Modal Designer are a perfect pairing for a robust yet easy to implement popup builder on your Blocs website.

Modal Designer will have you looking like a pro marketer and converting like crazy in no time!

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Modal Designer

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