Tab Anything

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Tab Anything

12 ratings

Tabs, Toggle, Slider, Button Group, Navigation

Tab Anything is a very powerful feature-rich Tab UI featuring orientation, transition, autoplay, a responsive dropdown and much more.

Tab Anything settings in Blocs


There's a lot you can do.

Tab Anything Docs (pdf)

Tab Anything Pro Docs (pdf)

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Use Cases

  • Elaborate "hero sliders"
 with multi-columns and other brics inserted.

  • An "alternate product" viewer for ecommerce pages.

  • Unique mixed media galleries

  • Basic filtering for products, services, articles, images etc.

  • Easily scroll to a section and select any tab simultaneously (Pro only)

  • Make slider controls from links in a paragraph! (Pro only)

  • Preload and cache images from other pages for your tabs. (Pro only)


Key Features

  • Filter option reserves first tab for all items

  • Horizontal, Vertical and Rotated orientation

  • Optional dropdown at smaller screen widths

  • Choose from Text Labels, Bullets, Bars, or Images as navigation

  • Generous additional control over styles including hover colors.

  • Directional slide & fade transitions for the target elements

  • Keyboard support and other accessibility features

  • Unlimited instances per page

  • Up to "25" Tabs per instance.

PRO ONLY Features

  • Dynamically load blocs from any page on your site.

  • Preload/cache images from those pages.

  • Using any link or button to control Tab Anything.

  • Using any link or button to control “Previous and Next” behavior.

  • New “Material” style setting.

We've updated our website. visit us at:

Tab Anything : https://blochead.dev/tab-anything

Tab Anything Demo : https://blochead.dev/tab-anything-demo

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Key Features

Horizontal & vertical orientation
Labels, images, dots & bars
Autoplay with speed control
Transition animations
Keyboard support
Responsive drop-down menu
Dynamic content loading (ajax)
Pro only
Custom link support
Pro only
"Material" inspired style setting
Pro only


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