Tab Anything Pro Upgrade

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Tab Anything Pro Upgrade

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Important! PLEASE READ

This is a request for PRO upgrade. There is no product to download after payment. Your original purchase will be verified first, then you'll see the updated item in your Gumroad library. 

This is a special upgrade product listing. There is no product to download after payment. when you purchase this item you'll get a PDF documentation for Tab Anything. That's it. 

After I have verified that you own Tab Anything standard version, I will upgrade the version in your Gumroad library.

PRO Key Features

  • Dynamic load blocs from any page on your site.

  • Preload/cache images from those pages.

  • Using any link or button to control Tab Anything.

  • Using any link or button to control “Previous and Next” behavior.

  • New “Material” style setting.

  • New hover color settings (standard and PRO version)

Learn more about Tab Anything

We've updated our website. visit us at https://blochead.dev

Use Cases

  • Elaborate "hero sliders"
 with columns and other Brics inserted.

  • Filter for products, services, blog posts, images etc.

  • An "alternate product" viewer for shop pages.

  • Unique mixed media galleries

  • Anywhere traditional tabs might apply

  • Easily scroll to a section and select any tab simultaneously (Pro only)

  • Preload and cache images from other pages for your tabs. (Pro only)

  • Make slider controls from links in a paragraph! (Pro only)


Standard Key Features

  • Filter option reserves first tab for all items

  • Horizontal, Vertical and Rotated orientation

  • Optional dropdown at smaller screen widths

  • Choose from Text Labels, Images, Bullets or Bars as navigation

  • Generous additional control over styles, now including hover colors.

  • Directional slide & fade transitions for the target elements

  • Autoplay with speed setting.

  • Keyboard support and other accessibility features

  • Unlimited button-groups per page

  • Up to "25" Tabs button group

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Key Features

Horizontal & vertical orientation
Labels, images, dots & bars
Transition animations
Autoplay with speed control
Responsive drop-down menu
Keyboard support
Dynamic content loading (ajax)
PRO only
Custom link support
PRO only
"Material" inspired style setting
PRO only
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